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You are worthy

Brene Brown writes in several of her books about our lovability, and worthiness. She reassures her readers that just because someone isn’t willing or able to love us doesn’t mean we are unlovable. The feelings we have are that we may not be worthy – of love, of being chosen or honored, of being included. 

Fear of being seen as unworthy is a battle most people face. One of the big things that we address in our spiritual lives is our worthiness. We look deep within, and tell ourselves whenever we are feeling vulnerable, that yes, we are worthy. And while that may be a bigger battle for some than others, it is a battle off and on for anyone. No matter how much life experience we have, there are times when insecurity wells up inside. 

So we join with others in worship and in study or prayer groups, and reaffirm each other and ourselves that God looks at us and says “worthy” over and over again. As many times as we need to hear it. God looks at us, calls our name, chooses and includes us. 

You are worthy. 

Peace be with you………………. Jeannie

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