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World Communion Sunday

Each month when we take Holy Communion, we are reminded that we are united in eating the one loaf, as it is broken and shared. When we come to World Communion Sunday, we are reminded that we share the loaf not just with those we are looking at in the St Stephen's sanctuary, but with people who practice Christian faith all around the world: people of many different denominations, people who think differently, speak differently, live differently than us. We are reminded of the global nature of our religion, that it does not belong to our country or to our Wesleyanism. 

I love World Communion Sunday. I love bringing aspects of other cultures into our service, to remind us of the presence of cultural diversity in our faith. I love picturing people that I have encountered on Mission Trips as I serve communion. I love tasting different breads as I take communion. 

I invite you to plunge yourselves into thoughts of many diverse peoples as you come for Holy Communion this Sunday. 

Paz y gracia.............. Jeannie

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