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What's Next?

As Annual Conferences around the US have been meeting, the resistance to the punitive and exclusionary stance passed as the “Traditionalist Plan” has been mounting. Some articles about these actions are posted by the water fountains in our hallway. Many resolutions have been overwhelmingly approved, condemning the actions of the far right. Other acts of resistance have occurred as well. I encourage you to stop and take a look. 

We have set up a series of listening and response sessions, titled “What's Next?”. These will happen throughout the summer, at various times and various places. There are sign up sheets in the loggia, so that we can prepare for the size of the group each time. 

One thing that we need to be doing as St. Stephen's is being the strongest church we can be. Nay-sayers like to live with the myth that progressive churches are declining or weak. We can refute that by being strong and growing. We have this year welcomed 10 new members, and baptized 3 babies and 1 youth. These are signs of a healthy and life-filled congregation! Other things that we can be doing are keeping our attendance healthy, and keeping our finances strong. So, storms notwithstanding, I encourage you to be present in worship, and to be mindful and generous with giving. In addition, having many people involved in programs and missions is a sign of a church that is active and vibrant. 

Together, we can journey into this time of denominational turmoil with our heads held high, knowing that we are on the right side of history, of grace, and of love. 

Peace be with you...................Jeannie

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