Welcoming the Stranger

Last Sunday the Immigration Committee shared a meal with an immigrant family from Mexico and heard their stories. It was informative, and enlightening, as we heard the many ways in which immigrants face continuing marginalization. 

Last month, some of our folks served food at a World Refugee event, at an apartment complex housing Burmese refugees. I envision that more things like this will come from the two groups that formed out of our last Round Table. It feels right to get involved in hands-on projects after putting good effort into learning about these very big subjects. This is a way to live out our Christian faith–being people of God's welcome and compassion and love.It's a way to welcome the stranger, which is commanded to us in scripture. It is a way to “see all the people”- to humanize the “other”. This is a way to “be the Church”!

These two groups continue to develop avenues through which St Stephen's can be involved in issues of welcome. Watch for more to come!

Blessings, Jeannie