We Are Called ...

We Are Called.............
to Act with Justice
to Love Tenderly
to Serve One Another
to Walk Humbly with God

I was greeted this morning with a note from one of the Head Start parents whose child received clothing purchased with funds contributed at our Immigration Committee Pot-luck Dinner. It was a perfect reminder that things we do make an impact, which may be much larger than we know. Please read the entire note:

Thank you for stepping up when a child had a need. You've made a difference in our lives. My son loves the new outfit and shoes. He was so excited to have light up shoes. His other shoes had broken the week before. As a parent it is a blessing to see my child receive when I am not able to provide. To see the smile on his face when he opens a gift and know he is taken care of is healing. Some situations are temporary and others are a way of life. Your generous donation has provided confidence to a child who otherwise might have none. Regardless of the extremes, each kid walked in a little taller than the day before. They all shared the gifts they received and rejoiced together. It's more than a change of clothes, it's a change of circumstance. Thank you for your generous heart!

Most of our gifts to mission are above and beyond our church budget. But we are able to carry out these kinds of important missions because our pledges provide for the space and the staff to do such missions. Our healthy and robust ministries are made possible because you are generous and far-sighted enough to support St. Stephen's with your financial gifts. And then together we can do work that none of us could do alone.

In that way, we walk humbly with God.