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Water is Life

We have reached August. The hot, dry time, height of summer, when what we have planted and grown is no longer growing, turning brown. I find that I selectively go out and water. I water the things that I most want to keep going, the things that still hold promise of fruitfulness or beauty. 

There are some vines, some kind of gourds, that have come up out of our compost area. I have watered those as well – they hold a mystery, that might be delightful. There is no telling what may come of them, but I keep giving the mystery a chance to be what is might be. 

There are times of life like this as well. When we can't keep nurturing everything we are doing, or all that we have enjoyed in the past. So we selectively water the things we most want to keep going, the things we want to keep doing, enjoying. Some parts of our lives, our hearts, our thoughts we know we want to keep watering, for they will keep benefitting us, keep bringing delight. But then there are the mysteries – aspects of ourselves that might bring much benefit or joy, but we don't really know how. Do we drop this thing, or keep it going, since it might turn into something great? 

In the Bible, wells are places where things happen, because they are the sources of water in dry places. Life is sustained at wells. Relationships are begun at wells. People learn from one another at wells. Whenever you read about a well in scripture, it is not just water, but a symbol of finding life in dry places, nurture overcoming desolation, hope for something new. 

In the desert, as in August, what we water is what holds promise, what can sustain us, what can bring beauty in our dry times. Water is life. 

Blessings..................... Jeannie

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