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UMC Principles Regarding Sustainability

The United Methodist Board of Church and Society has been in the process of revising the Social Principles. These are statements voted on by our governing body that state our UM stands on many different social issues.

In coming weeks, I will highlight some of these. Here is part of our statement about Sustainability (emphasis added):

Ecologically sustainability demands a commitment to a healthy environment and economic sufficiency. Sustainable ecological resources and policies of human production must be justly distributed. We urge Church and society to evaluate personal behavior based on overconsumption and to devise ways to con-serve resources and promote practices of living simply in a closer relationship with the earth. We call on governments to enact policies that reduce extraction, consumption, and waste while enforcing environmental, health, and safety protections.

It is good to stop and look at ourselves at times, to remind us of things we have already known. I remind us that a number of years ago our Conference, and St. Stephen's, voted to stop use of styrofoam food containers. Our youth talk about “single-use plastic” and the need to stop it. One of our children is promoting reusable straws, and offers a way to buy them. (I have two different kinds)

Remember – the earth God gives us is for the future as well!


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