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UMC Principles Regarding Human Dignity

Continuing the highlights of the United Methodist Social Principles revisions - In thinking about World Communion Sunday this Sunday, I looked to what is said about the Global Community. Some of it is:

Human Dignity, Rights, and Responsibilities
God has created a world community, in which all creation has intrinsic worth, including a world community where every person reflects the dignity that comes with being formed in God’s image. Concurrently, it is the responsibility of every person to promote the flourishing of life, and to work for the glory of God by securing human rights for all. We recognize the variety of ways people iterate their claim to rights in daily life, and, therefore, we acknowledge the plurality of religious, cultural, moral, legal, political and economic dimensions and rights, implicit in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Yes, important thoughts to keep in front of us – that every person, worldwide, has been formed in God's image and deserves the dignity of that. I'm going to hold these thoughts in front of me this week: it is every person's – my - responsibility to promote this dignity for all people.

Thanks be. 

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