The Journey through Holy Week

The week leading up to Easter is a mixed bag. It feels like we are wading through bunnies and eggs, peering around racks of new kids clothes, and not finding the somber spirit that pervades the original purposes of the week from Palm Sunday to Easter. The easy approach to this spring celebration makes us forget that the “Hosanna” of Palm Sunday actually means “Save Us!” Crying out “save us” means that things have gone wrong, and we need help.

Holy Week is a significant time for Christian churches. The daily scriptures take us from bad to worse for Jesus and his gang – turmoil, whispered threats, betrayal, desertion, violence. Then a tortured death. These are things people don't want to experience, so we skip over them. Just get us to the “Alleluia”, then we can have a nice family dinner.

Yes, Maundy Thursday feels like doom, and Good Friday is a time of sorrow. But there is something to be gained by being present in the moment, even if it is uncomfortable. It takes us to reflection, to insight, and gets us to the depth of character that makes us more thoughtful people.