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The church carries on

Being away for more than a week, in a place with no cell phone coverage at all, is a good reminder of how the world continues to turn with or without our participation. I am reminded that the church carries on without my input! 

One thing I read while on vacation was the book Educated, which is the Fiction Club book for this month. The author reflected on how her fundamentalist father prepared for “Y2K”, the turning of the century. Oddly, many fundamentalist preachers thought that everything would stop because computers might have the wrong date. This very human- techno-centric view of the world is completely devoid of a religious element. The world will stop turning/food will stop growing/people will stop functioning if we don't have complete technology view is strange. In the book, the author's father just never said anything more after his predictions proved completely off base. 

We are still us, and God is still God, even when we turn off our devices. Some days that's hard to believe. But it could be a good spiritual practice – turn off our things, and focus on the beauty and people around us. Sabbath. 

Blessed......................... Jeannie

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