State Questions

We are facing a boatload of state questions this election. They cover a number of subjects, and I know that many St Stephen's folks have been studying and considering them. Many religious groups, especially the Oklahoma Conference of Churches, have come out strongly opposed to 777, for the environmental degradation that could result. 

One of the questions (#790) is about the separation of church and state. It would repeal the prohibition against using public money or property for religious purposes. I'm sure that those proposing it are good people, who have sincerely held religious beliefs. However, many wise people who have studied the history of such things, remind us that when church and state are not kept separate, it is the church that suffers the most. It becomes the religious beliefs that get watered down, or co-opted, or trivialized. As a religious leader, I continue to believe that the church can be strongest when lines of separation are kept clean. 

We are each one of us intelligent, and St Stephen's members are nothing if not well-informed. You will vote what you believe is best for all. You are good people because of that. Your thoughtfulness benefits all those around you, and is a beautiful expression of our faith.