Standing Alone

People are rising up, standing up for what they believe will make things better.

This week, we have seen a remarkable gathering of teachers, parents, students, and others who are standing up to make our state education quality better. The strength that is in numbers both creates a stronger presence and encourages those gathered with the strength of community. Many voices and bodies joined can do so much more than one standing alone.

It feels good, encouraging, to be part of a large group speaking together. This is something that draws people to be in the crowds at sporting events – the group spirit. But sometimes we find ourselves as a lone voice, standing against a crowd. I thought of this while watching the remarkable theatrical “Jesus Christ Superstar” this week on TV. There was a time of crowd encouragement. But then there was a time when it was Jesus standing alone.

Standing alone, it is our inner resources, and a developed faith, that can keep us strong. And we don't know when we will have to call on what we have, to stand alone for what is right.

Spiritual practices are one of the ways of having this personal resource, to call on when we find ourselves standing alone.

Peace, Jeannie