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St. Brigid's Cross

While on our recent trip, one place that Jim and I visited was the Sisters of St. Brigid retreat center in Kildare, Ireland. 

St. Brigid is one of the three patron saints of Ireland. Her followers say that she believed in equality (having created a monastery that was for both men and women), and stands for the principles of justice, strength, gentleness, compassion, hospitality, generosity, and wisdom. 

It was an inspirational place to be, a beautiful space, and I was impressed by the principles of the Sisters, who really stress hospitality. These seem like the principles of Christianity that we most fully embrace at St. Stephen's, and I was inspired to visit there with Sister Mary. 

There is also a traditional St Brigid's cross. It is made of straw, material that is accessible to even the poorest of folks. And the arms of the cross are equal in length – symbolizing to me not only equality for all people, but equal access to the love and grace of God. All are welcome in the arms of this cross. 

Peace be with you................. Jeannie

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