See ALL the People

Another Annual Conference has wrapped up. As always, there are highlights and lowlights. One thing that people were anxious about was a designated time for discussion on how we can remain together despite our differences. It was well done, and people left feeling that there had been more understanding than misunderstanding; that having conversation eye-to-eye about how it feels to be in disagreement was very humanizing. 

I wish that we could do that in the greater society. Hear one another. Humanize one another. Respect the differences. One of our General Church agencies has a new program with the slogan “#See All the People”. It points to acknowledging, and thereby beginning to respect, those who are invisible – primarily due to race or poverty or immigrant status. Just begin by seeing one another – an eye-to-eye thing that puts people right in front of us. 

Seeing all the people – Jesus did it, shocking many. Let's keep working on that.