Saints and Heroes

March has brought thoughts of saints and heroes to me. I say heroes, because those who get designated as saints of common agreement have usually done something heroic. St. Patrick, whose day is upon us, is a hero to the people of Ireland.

I have been following the postings of a group that send stories of “saints” that Protestants might embrace. The group is called “Lent Madness”, and in a humorous way it does a March Madness style bracket as we all vote on our favorite “saint”. The stories are often very inspirational. People who stood up to the Nazis, who aided the French resistance, people who gave their lives to feeding the poor, or outcast, or refugees. People who spoke up for those who were not heard. People who were martyred for causes that their faith led them to take up. Some of these are widely known, some only known to small groups. But reading vignettes of people who did heroic deeds makes us all want to lift ourselves more, to do more courageous things.

We may not be superheroes. But we can do something – stand up, speak up, reach out – that helps someone in a way that is heroic to them.

In the spirit of Lent - Jeannie