Remembering the Spirit of Protest

“A lot of people go to church, protestant churches, without thinking about what that means. We know it means we are the Christians who are not Catholic. But I doubt that many of us continue to think of ourselves in terms of what the name means. We are protesters. Reformers.

We come from those who wanted to leave behind layers that had developed that were not true to the origin of our faith. Get back to basics!! The trappings had taken over, so that the Reformers saw human needs getting lost in the edicts of the Church. 

Those of us who read the scripture and see in it the welcome of strangers, love for all neighbors, and the grace of God made real for all people, just might be pulling for another reformation. We see that cultural values have over-shadowed the values of Christ. We see that societal norms are threatening things our faith values.

This year is the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther beginning the Protestant Reformation, on October 31. We will remember this spirit of protest this Sunday in worship. 

Peaceful Protest be with you!