Reaching Out to Immigrants and Refugees

One of the things that was an ongoing part of the discussion at the conference I recently attended “A World Uprooted – Responding to Migrants, Refugees and Displaced People” was how to find many ways to be supportive of uprooted people. Our own efforts, in our Immigration and Refugee committees, are a lot about this. What can we do? We are a faith community. We have people of varying skills and interests. And there are a lot of possibilities for what we can do.

The gathering of treats and encouraging notes for OU “Dreamer” students is a gently supportive way of reaching out. I applaud those who thought of it and who carried it out. The “Dinners for Dreamers touched the hearts of all who were able to participate. Look for more dinners to happen in the future.

One workshop at the conference gave information on businesses that support migrants in their hiring practices or in the things they sell. A surprising one was Chobani yogurt, founded by one who was Kurdish, from Turkey, and who now employs refugees in the US. Below are some links to other groups that support displaced people by selling goods. Next time you are looking for a gift, I encourage you to check some of these out:

Thanks for all you do, in prayer, in compassion, in outreach, to people who are in very vulnerable places in their lives. 

Blessings to you................. Jeannie