Protecting God's Creation

Earth Day. This weekend we will honor the gift of God to all of us as we recognize Earth Sunday. Scripture tells us that “when God began to create the heavens and the earth,” that is where God began. Not with humans, but with the earth and sky. Humans, in our egocentricity, felt that we were the most
important part, and some came to believe that meant carelessly taking all of earth's goodness was our right.

Not all people came to this belief. Some see the abuse of the earth as destruction of God's gifts. Some see that the earth is bigger than us, came before us and will outlast us. Some see that allowing toxins to be poured into the rivers and into the air is to foul our own nest, which is not God's desire for us.

This Earth Day, may we see ourselves as these “some”. May we pledge again to honor God by treating the creation with the respect it deserves. May we do things to make our common nest a place of health and beauty for all who live here – animal, plant, and human – all God's be-loved creatures.