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Pride Festival

This coming weekend is the second Norman Pride weekend. It's a time for those who are LGBTQia+ to stand up and publicly affirm their identity. In this acronym, a is for allies – people who do not identify as LGBT, but stand with and affirm those who do. It's a time to be proud that we are cognizant that all people are beloved children of God, in the face of a history that oppressed and killed people who were sexual minorities, and current groups and even nations that still do.

I have no doubt that when we stand together, stand with those who are excluded and oppressed, we are doing as Christ taught. At every turn, this is what Jesus did – took up for those who were pushed out and excluded, honored such folks with his presence, and that he called people who would have been considered unworthy by those who considered themselves worthy.

So we will be present among those who gather this weekend in Norman, on Campus Corner and for a downtown parade. We will be the face of Christian people who know that the love of God is for each and every person. We will be the face of a community that believes in an open and gracious inclusion. We will be people of faith who know that the Bible tells us to love our neighbors, with no exceptions.

Grace and peace be with you.............. Jeannie

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