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Potentially Dangerous Situations

P.D.S.- a warning of a Particularly Dangerous Situation. On Monday, experts examined their measurements and observations, put details together, and looking at the big picture declared that we were in a Particularly Dangerous Situation. People heeded their warnings and took precautions, preparing themselves for this particularly dangerous situation. 

Too bad we don’t have experts that we believe who look at other aspects of life, to warn us when we are about to place ourselves in particularly dangerous situations. Wouldn’t it be great to have a whole team of people trained to warn us not to make that risky decision, not to listen to dubious ideas, not to take those first steps into habits that will later harm us? 

We do sort of have this, though. We have a book of wisdom we call Scripture, written in ancient times, that tries to point us in right directions. The problem is, there are a lot of different ideas on what it says, what it means, and how to read it. We even had one who came, sent from God, no less, and told us what the main point of the scripture is. Love God, love your neighbor. Still, people don’t agree that that is the point of the book. Even though Jesus said that is was. So many want to add layers of their own thoughts, things about deciding who is righteous and who is not, who gets in and who doesn’t. Particularly Dangerous thoughts. 

Peace be with you…………….. Jeannie

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