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Penned in Prayer by Jennifer Ahrens-Sims

The authors of The Way of Prayer define prayer as: expressing our relationship with God. It is a given that we are in relationship with God, since God is our Creator. When we express our relationship with God, perhaps we express wonder at being so deeply connected. Or maybe we express joy and perplexity of having relationship with our Creator, who constantly makes something new out of us.

Our task is to remember how to pray and to expand our prayer repertoire. There are many ways of expressing relationship with God. There are many facets of our relationship to express. How can we express the honor, depth, strength, and so on, of our relationship with God?

There is communication, of course, sharing openly and honestly, or being vulnerable and learning to trust or having emotional intimacy. There is also listening and sometimes, silence, or intimacy by pure presence.

Ultimately, our relationship with God is expressed in spending time together, us with God. Whatever we are doing, when we do it with a sense of divine presence, it is prayer.

May your prayer life be always increasing,


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