Out of the Shadows

Summer comes fully to us this week, with the Summer Solstice. The longest day, the maximum light — in multiple ways. This week holds several markers that have something to say about shedding light:

Juneteenth — the day on which enslaved people in Texas found out that the government had freed them months earlier, but the news had been kept from them.

World Refugee Day — a day for acknowledging the plight of the many refugees worldwide, displaced for reasons that are complex. So many want to just overlook them, hoping they will go away.

Pride celebrations — a time for those who are marginalized for being sexual minorities to stand up and get noticed.

I can see that all of these are situations of keeping people in shadow, hidden, overlooked. Our faith calls upon us to see all the people — after all, God does. Gospels tell us that over and over, Jesus noticed those who were being overlooked and ignored , and treated them with respect. He reached out his hand to lepers, to the poor, to the mentally ill, to women, foreigners, those whom society wished would go away. Jesus saw them, called out to them, ate meals with them, listened to them.

Maximum light. No one is left in the shadows in Jesus’ eyes. And no one should be left in the shadows in our eyes either.

Peace to you…………………...Jeannie