Oh Come, Emmanuel!

“It seems like I usually have a song stuck in my head. This week it is “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”. I love the haunting melody. The verses of the song are all about things that are wrong, asking God to intervene, then saying Rejoice! Rejoice! God-with-us (the meaning of Emmanuel) will come to you – to you who most need it. You who are captive, mourning, in exile – God will not forget you. Yes. A message we need. 

There are all kinds of captivity – things that trap us, like bigotry or fear or feeling unheard (or being unheard be-cause you don't feel free to speak your mind); things like health problems or aging can be captivity. Sorrow, loneliness, depression are also captivities. Rejoice, rejoice – God will not forget you. 

One verse says “come and cheer our spirits by thy justice here”. Justice – yes. Getting to justice when oppression is all around definitely brings out the “Rejoice!” And God-with-us matters, and gives us the hope that we will get to “Rejoice”. 

Singing............ Jeannie