Moments of Silence

Half-way through Lent, and I find myself looking for more times and places to listen.

In some ways, I feel like we are rushing headlong toward Holy Week, one of the busiest times at a church. And it's ironic that the rushing headlong happens just when we want to think more about stopping, finding silence, listening, reflecting.

With these thoughts, I find myself turning to Thomas Merton, who was a Trappist monk. Trappists practice speaking very little, and even spend some time in vows of silence.

Here is some of his wisdom:
In a world of noise, confusion and conflict it is necessary that there be places of silence, inner discipline and peace. In such places love can blossom.

Not all of us are called to be hermits, but all of us need enough silence and solitude in our lives to enable the deeper voice of our own self to be heard at least occasionally.

Even just touching base with some of his wisdom, I find myself calmed, ready to grab even small moments of silence.

May you find those moments also, and may they enable you to hear the deeper voice.