Our theme this Lent is “Listen”. Last week was about listening places. This week is Finding Your Breath: listening to our Heartbeats. This is from Dr. Marcia McFee, of the Worship Design Studio:

Our sacred texts connect the breath of God with our own aliveness – God blew breath into us at creation and we continue to breathe all of creation in and out of our bodies constantly. The early church also believed that breath and Spirit were one in the same. How might the meditative practice of paying attention to our breath be, in and of itself, a prayer of connection to God? When we embrace our bodies as the holy vessel of God, we become even more our True Selves – which has been there all along.

The beginning component of meditation is to listen to your breath. Why is it that paying attention to our breath gets us to a place of clearer, deeper thinking? Explore that thought as the subject of worship this week.

Listening - Jeannie