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Life is Change

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of God endures forever.”- Isaiah 40:8 

Permanence. Impermanence. Sometimes things we thought were unchangeable are brought down. This happens to things that have been around for hundreds of years – cathedrals, ancient trees. We catch our breath, are stunned, saddened. These public reminders of impermanence sometimes hit us in the face. Fire, wind, water take their place in changing what we though would never change. 

Life is change. Things change – things we want to change, and things we don't want to change. Black churches in the deep south are burned.... again. People stop the change we want in the church, and in society....again. People disappoint us.....again. 

And here we are in Holy Week. A time set aside every year, to remember again that death follows life, and life follows death. A time for seeing that - Alleluia – endings are beginnings. 

Peace. Jeannie

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