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Let's Walk Together for a While

I'm thinking today about how we walk the journey of life and of faith together. This song is stuck in my head: 

Let's walk together for a while and ask where we begin to build a world where love can grow and hope can enter in, to be the hands of healing and to plant the seed of peace. (Welcome, Worship & Song # 3152, by Mark Miller) 

When walking a charity walk, like AIDS Walk or CROP Walk, we spend time walking with someone, and we find our new things about them. We walk together for a while, then find ourselves at different paces, or encountering other groups of walkers, and then end up walking with someone else. It's kind of a natural flow, spending time with one, then with another. 

Life is like that too. We walk with someone, maybe for a very long time, but then for various reasons – such as moving, life changes, or death – we are no longer side by side. It happens in faith journeys also. For a while, we find ourselves asking the same questions as another, having the same doubts or “aha!” moments. Then our journeys diverge, and we are walking with others. I like it that Jesus had so many interactions with people while he was on the road, on journeys. Teaching happened with movement. Interactions came and went, from place to place. Just like life. 

Peace................ Jeannie

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