Kneeling in Protest

It's absolutely intriguing that in the past week, kneeling quietly, head down, has become a form of protest. It is, after all, something we Christians have been encouraged to do for many years. It began as a protest not of the flag, but of the song, and has now become a protest about unequal treatment for minorities. 

During these same two weeks, many of us have been watching the multi-part documentary on the Vietnam war. We are being reminded with graphic pictures of the massive loss of life, the daily body count that was reported on the news every evening at the time. Talk about a need to kneel down, in pain and sorrow, if not protest, that human beings periodically take the time and feel the need to fight to the death. 

So I'm thinking of other times in which we as Christians should be kneeling, head down, in protest: when a baby is left by the side of the interstate; when a young person is thrown out by their parents because of their sexual orientation; when an elderly person is left alone day after day in a nursing facility; when teachers are blamed for all the ways society fails our kids; when our fellow Christians stand up for exclusion and not for justice and compassion. Each one of you can name more. Maybe we all need to kneel down more, in protesting prayer, whether in body or in spirit. 

Peace and protest be with you.