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In Gratitude

Meager resources don't always lead to meager outcomes. Sometimes what seems too little amazingly brings more than enough. Or enough, anyway. 

Things like this happen at churches all the time. Potlucks, bake sales, fundraising walks, volunteer needs – we come up to them thinking we don't have all that we need. But then the outcome is there. Loaves and fishes. Enough, more than enough, comes through. 

Thank you to all who contribute in so many ways. Thank you to those of you who make food every month, and then give it out to folks at Food and Shelter. Thank you to those of you who make things happen – who bake communion bread, who provide altar flowers, who bring food to those who have been hospitalized, who give to the many needs of the church and our community, who fix things around the building, who bring food to potlucks and bake sales, then pay to share in the food! Your generosity does not go unnoticed! 

Appreciation is nice. Sometimes it helps us keep going and doing. But many keep up good works, without the appreciation. To those I say – thank you, thank you, thank you. Your reward is great, and ongoing. 

Appreciatively........... Jeannie

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