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Giving Thanks

This week, I am thinking about gratitude, moving toward Thanksgiving. Remembering Thanksgivings past, it feels like our family has pulsated – sometimes larger, sometimes smaller. Sometimes that gathering has been with large, extended family, sometimes only a few family members, and sometimes the gathering has been with friends. 

Things about the celebration for which I am grateful: when people don't need to rush off; when there is time for different one-on-one conversations; when there is laughter; when there is reminiscing; when all ages can be included in speaking of gratitude.

So, I offer this blessing, linked by Brother David Steindl-Rast on his website

May we join hands around the dinner table, 
To pray for the strength and patience to love one another. 
May our circle grow with every birth and union, 
Into a community united by love, rather than blood.
May every hardship make our circle stronger. 
May it teach us that whenever we reach out in need, 
Our hands will always be clasped in the palms of others.
                                                                           – Taz Tagore 

Blessings to you................. Jeannie

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