Feeding People

Feeding people.

Food seems to be simple – get some, eat some. But it gets really pretty complicated. In our country there are hungry people, and food deserts, yet obesity is epidemic. As a nation we over-consume on many levels. We are the land of plenty, but so many depend on food stamps. We eat for entertainment more often than we eat for nourishment.

The complexity of feeding people is very evident to churches that have feeding programs. My previous two churches each had weekly food kitchens, where we would find people clamoring for the food we had. They may or may not have looked like they were desperate for food. They may or may not have had ways of coming up with food otherwise. We were there offering a meal – something simple really – but found ourselves facing people who had many other problems, bigger problems, in their lives. Hunger was just a piece of their puzzles.

This week a number of St Stephen's folks will be going to the Regional Food Bank to sort and pack food. We will hear statistics and stories of the people who count on this food. We will do the work with their faces before us, using our hands to address what is in our hearts. 

Blessed to be part of you- Jeannie