Family. Summer is a time when a lot of us get together with family that we don't see often.Sometimes we long to see one another more, sometimes not.

Frederick Buechner has this to say about family:

It is not so much that things happen in a family as it is that the family is the things that happen in it. The family is continually becoming what becomes of it. It is every christening and every commencement, every falling in love, every fight, every departure and return. (from Whistling in the Dark)

This summer the lectionary- scriptures we use in worship - is taking us through the family of “Abraham, Isaac,and Jacob”. The First Family of faith. A family in which a lot of things happened that we are glad to not relive.Most of the time, they were better off not seeing each other very often. When they do intersect, we find defining events of scripture.

This week, it's the story of the twins Jacob and Esau. Talk about a house divided. How can this story of struggle and division speak to us today? See you Sunday!