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Facing the big unknowns

The first week of school takes shape in different ways. Excitement, anxiety, anticipation, and more. 

Around the church building, it's the first week for Head Start, which brings 4-year-olds here, many for their first experience of school. That means a lot of crying. Kids facing the unknown, the unfamiliar, and they are afraid. 

As people get older, the unknown or unfamiliar are faced in a variety of ways. People get anxious, or hold back. Some choose to plunge in and embrace it, or to learn all they can. But some turn to fear and lashing out. It might be healthier to just cry. 

The unknown is a big deal. The future is a big unknown – changes to our lives or to our health or to our society - and people deal with it in so may different ways. 

In the Bible, the story of Jacob going to meet his estranged brother Esau, in Genesis 32, tells how he prepared to face the unknown. But there is also a great image – that he wrestled all night with an unknown divinity. It's a great image, because wrestling all night with what is unknown describes how it feels to be facing the big unknowns. We've all been there. Some of us are there now. 

For Jacob, it turned out well, there was a result that he had totally not expected. Out of the blue, grace. We have to believe that that still happens. Grace, when we least expect it. 

Blessings to you............... Jeannie

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