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Easter Season

Easter has come – not just one day, but a season in the Church. 

Some of us were more than ready to proclaim “He is risen!” Others are happier proclaiming that nothing can kill the message of God that Christ taught. That governmental systems, injustice, or hate-filled rhetoric can beat down a person's body, but not claim their soul. 

If salvation comes through crucifixion, what about all the people Jesus encountered, whom he told were saved by faith, by believing in his teachings, well before the crucifixion? This week, I came across this, in The Christian Century: 

Let me confess. I am an Easter Maybe person. I lean toward the possibility of life after death—because I think life itself is so miraculous. Birth is amazing. Why wouldn’t death be? No less a brain than Einstein’s divided people into two categories: those who don’t believe in miracles and those who think everything is a miracle. I’m in the second group. -Donna Schaper, Sr. Pastor, Judson Memorial Church, NYC 

Everything a miracle. Think about that. How did we come to be people who care about one another, who appreciate nature and beauty and differences, and think and speak and love and care? Our very existence, a miracle. 

Yes. We can all say yes to this, whatever we believe about literal resurrection. Miraculously, we are here. Miraculously, we are beloved. 


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