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Earth Day

“The earth dries up and wilts; the world withers and wilts; the heavens wither away with the earth. The earth lies polluted under its inhabitants, for they have disobeyed instruction, swept aside law. And broken the ancient covenant.” Isaiah 25:4-5

As people of faith, we are people of Covenant. The origins of our humanity are tied with the instruction to care for the earth, God's creation. 

Megan McKenna says, in her book Harm Not The Earth, “we are unravelling the threads of our covenant with God and with the world, and the strings of creation and existence, faster than the earth and the elements can refashion them and absorb the toxins we produce.” 

We have known for decades that human action is causing changes in our climate, globally. But science has been usurped by politics, telling people to doubt. Now, however, the evidence is clear, and the timeline for doing something about it has shortened. God's beautiful creation is being harmed by human selfishness. 

This Sunday, we will have a guest speaker at our Earth Day Roundtable, to talk about sustainability and climate change. We need this. We need to keep our eyes open and pay attention to the steps each one of us must take. It's part of God's covenant with us. 

Peace be with you...............Jeannie

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