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"Coming of Age" in a Time of Change

This coming Sunday we will honor the students who have been in our Confirmation Class for the past 3+ months. It's our “Coming of Age” ritual for young people, in which they have learned about Church and Faith. 

United Methodists across the US are wondering if this is the right time for asking our young people to commit, with a church that is in flux and on the verge of dividing. It's a struggle that is well-appreciated by those most involved in the church, and by clergy. 

One way of considering the question is – do we step back, or step up? The majority of UM's in the US want to step back from the harsh approach that the “Traditionalists” managed to pass through the General Conference. But there are very good reasons to step up: to increase the strength and numbers of those of us who are in the resistance; to commit ourselves individually as well as collectively to being in the “Next Methodism”; to flood the extreme right with a protest which is overwhelming (and they are currently being caught off guard by the strength of the protest!); and to include our young people in the excitement of being part of something new. 

There will be something new, and we are on the verge of it. In my opinion, we should be excited about the possibilities of its creation. It will be the church of the next generation, where they can find their spirits addressed, their beliefs honored, and wrestle with their own questions of faith. We can step up into the next thing, together. 

Determined.............. Jeannie

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