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Children of God

This week I read about people from South Korea being allowed a 3-day visit in North Korea with family members. The stories were heartbreaking. Two were 90+ year old women, seeing their children for the first time in 67 years, having been separated when the kids were 4 years old and under. The women were speechless, just tearfully touching the faces of their now 70-year old offspring. The pictures cannot capture the torment this has brought them for their whole lives.

It's hard to believe that anyone ever thought this was a good idea. Governments should be there for the good of their people, not for their harm. But those on the underside are often trampled. This did not just happen in the last century. We know the stories of our ancestors of the faith, the early Christians. They were the ones who were harmed by the ruling authorities, the people of the underside. They lived in fear and hiding, were imprisoned, tortured, thrown to lions and burned. This is our heritage, when we call ourselves Christian.

Anyone who really claims the name “Christian” must not forget this. We come not from the ones who were in charge, but come from the ones on the underside of society. The ones who were separated and heartbroken, who were left speechless and tormented. We cannot forget. We cannot tolerate cruelty to God's children, whoever they are and wherever they are from.

We recognize, embrace, and affirm all persons, regardless of country of origin, as members of the family of God. - The United Methodist Social Principles

Grace and mercy be with you.............. Jeannie

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