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Care and Prayer Ministries

Homebound and Care Center Visitation

St. Stephen's Care Team extends God’s love to others in a very special way. We ask each member of the Care Team to visit, in person or by phone, one or two homebound people each month. The Care team gathers monthly to update church staff, make the team aware of special needs and share in the problem-solving. Team members commit to serve one year at a time.

Meal Preparation

We like to provide meals when needed due to hospitalization, a death in the family or other crisis. Our coordinator contacts Care Team members as needed to provide one or two items for a meal.


Occasionally, drivers are needed to provide transportation to worship or doctor visits. We especially need drivers weekdays and on Sunday mornings. Please contact the church office at 321-4988 if you would like to volunteer as a driver or Care Team member. 

Prayer Team

The prayer team provides prayer and spiritual support to those in need. Group members receive prayer requests each Tuesday by email and gather to pray collectively each week. Prayer requests are considered confidential and are collected and emailed by the director of Care Ministries. 

For prayer requests or other special needs, contact the church office at 321-4988.

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