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Blessing for Graduating Seniors

As this school year comes to a close, and graduations take people in new directions, I offer these words of blessing: 

Take the experiences with you as you go: the good, and not-so-good. May they continue to teach you. 

Take the friendships you have gained, or deepened, with you. Remember the ones who have taught you beyond the books, things of heart and thought and care. 

Take the growth that you have had this year, and be thankful for all that it means for you. 

As you go into your time away, for rest, or for new adventures, remember that in our ends are our beginnings. Teachers, parents, students, graduates: each step is yours to claim. Each memory is yours to hold. Each interaction has been your education. 

Go forth now, blessed people, with wisdom and hope, looking upward. The future will continue to educate, and will continue to open doors of the next things, again and again. 

Peace be with you.................. Jeannie

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