Annual Conference News

Another year has been marked with our annual United Methodist gathering. t was pretty sedate, especially considering that when we gather again next year, some significant changes for the worldwide denomination are likely to have happened. But we gathered, worshiped, remembered those who had died, and welcomed those who are new to the ministry.

St. Stephen's part: Rev. Dianne Peters had her retirement recognized, and Rev. Jennifer Ahrens-Sims became fully ordained as an Elder. Both represented us well, as did our lay delegates Dan Snell and Ron Gray.

I have a lot of history with this annual gathering. I've been going all my life, and my first memory of it was when I was three, and my mother was one of those remembered in the memorial service. Some things change every year, and some things are always the same – it's a family reunion of sorts, seeing people we rarely see, some we know well and some we don't.

The outcome: we re-voted on the Constitutional amendment on gender justice, and it passed easily in Oklahoma. And I am happy to say that I am at St. Stephen's again – a great church to be part of!
Blessings to you.......................Jeannie

You can see the full list of Oklahoma appointments here: