An Introduction to Taize Style Worship

Taize': the style of Christian worship practiced by the ecumenical Taizé community in France, characterized by the repetitive singing of simple harmonized tunes, often in various languages, interspersed with readings, prayers, and periods of silence.

Each year during Lent, we offer Taize'-style worship experiences. Many don't know what that is, since it is a foreign word that encompasses several meanings. It is first of all a place in France, but also has come to mean the style of worship practiced at the religious community there, as well as the style of music that they have developed.

Surprisingly, the Taizé community brings together young people from every corner of the globe- teens to 30-somethings - not the age that typically flocks to church, any church. “The simplicity of life seems to offer a refreshing change to young people who come from societies that are drowning in excess, where nothing ever stops, where there is no time to just be, and be together,” says Brother John.

Prayer and silence are at the heart of the Taizé experience. Taizé has spawned a unique style of worship that has become popular in churches, retreat centers and seminaries throughout the world.

Today Taizé is one of the world's most important sites of Christian pilgrimage. Each year tens of thousands of pilgrims flock to the small village of Taizé in central France to share in the community's way of life.

This year we will have Taize' worship each Monday evening during Lent, at 6:30. The service lasts 30-35 minutes. Come try it!