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All Saints Day

One year I was in Guatemala for Halloween/All Saint's Day. There, it involves lots of fire-works and costumes, as well as graves decorated with many flowers. I found it curious that there were a lot of conquistador costumes. But when you think about it, if one is dressing up as something that is feared, it makes sense. Dressing up to take on the persona of someone you are not is also commonly done, so that the costume is either something that is feared or admired.

So for a few hours this week, our children, and sometimes adults, put on the likeness of something or some-one we are not. It gives us power over something that we usually don't have power over. It lets us make fun of something that frightens us, and thereby gives some relief from the fear.

Finding some way to be relieved of our fears – who doesn't want that? So as faithful people we come together with others to share our fears, our hopes for solutions, our pain when things cannot be fixed. We gather together when fears have become reality, to cry out together, and to cry together. Sometimes we come together to say in one voice “God help us”. This week.

Peace be with you....... Jeannie

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