Adult Sunday School Class Descriptions

Sunday School classes meet at 9:40 a.m. Click here for a description of classes currently offered.

Adult Education 

At St. Stephen’s, we value questions as we seek to unite head and heart in a growing journey of exploration and conversation about the Christian life. We offer a variety of adult learning groups, on Sunday morning and during the week.

Class members choose their own curriculum, and topics range from social issues to contemporary progressive theology to spiritual formation.

Nineteen years ago, St. Stephen's kicked off its first lay seminary, inviting our community to covenant to participate in seminarly-like curriculum with quality and depth that broadened experience, deepened faith and better linked faith and practice. We call our intentional journey of growth together "Seminary for Life." Courses are typically offered in the spring and fall.

The Educational Ministries Committee also hosts Roundtable Discussions and dinners throughout the year, bringing in engaging speakers. Regular events include the Peace Roundtable in January and Earth Day Roundtable in April, as well as others. If you like to read, you might enjoy the monthly Fiction Club or one of the Summer Reading Groups

On Wednesday afternoons, a wonderful group of retired persons meet to share their “Sacred Journey.”


Other opportunities for you to connect with others with similar interests include our choir, Top of the Hill monthly luncheon for seniors, and the Men’s Group. 



Panelists speak at a St. Stephen's Peace Roundtable on the "Lived Realities of Muslim Women in Oklahoma, sharing how each integrates Islam into her life amid the culture’s complications.