A Sunday of Hope

“These special holidays give rise to various liturgical calendars that suggest we should mark our days not only with the cycles of the moon and seasons, but also with occasions to tell our children the stories of our faith community's past so that this past will have a future, and so that our ancient way and its practices will be rediscovered and renewed every year.” -- Brian D. McLaren, "Finding Our Way Again: The Return of the Ancient Practices"

So we venture into Advent, a time with designated stories to tell, to remind us of things: the circular nature of our years, the time of the eternal return, the return of light, the hope that that brings.

It's the time when we have our kids act out the story, so that they know they are in it, not apart from it. So that we all know we are in the story of Jesus; that it continues in our world because we carry it in our hearts. We tell the story, act the story, because hope can always come back around, no matter how much darkness encroach-es on our world. We are the people of hope. And this is the Sunday of Hope.

Wandering into Advent, Jeannie