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A New School Year, Embracing Change

New school year – different things happen. It was always a time of apprehension as well as excitement for me as a child. Walking into the unknown – new place, new faces, new expectations – is intimidating. There are things to be gained, and things to be lost. 

I am feeling that now. Sorry to be saying goodbye to Joel and the Garber family, yet happy for them. Losing the comfort of working with someone who has become familiar and accustomed to how we like things at St. Stephen's is my loss. But the world, the church, is not static. There is always flow, change, movement. 

Kids are feeling that now also. They are losing the comfort of their previous familiar class, venturing into what is new and unknown, full apprehension and full of potential. 

For all of us – flow, change, movement, potential. That is life. And why I just can't sing “As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be.” (sorry, Gloria Patri fans!) I lean more toward “Look! I'm doing a new thing, now it sprouts up; don't you recognize it?” (Isaiah 43:19) 

So, a new school year: hellos and goodbyes come to us. And we are better for having known the ones who now journey on. 

Blessings and peace.............. Jeannie

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