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A Calling for Social Justice

Last Sunday's message on a group's statement opposing faith's involvement in social justice continues to reverberate. Read the statement, and see who initiated it here:

Sunday evening, I saw this statement in response: 

For the sake of Christ and God’s church, we—as ecumenical, God-loving, Progressive Asian American Christians—are deeply concerned with the state of the church as depicted in The Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel because it stands against God’s greatest commandment: “To love God and love your neighbor”. 

The various points of the statement fall into the categories of: Biblical Errancy, Anti-Imperialism, Gender Equality, Racial Equality, Sexual and Gender Identity, and Economic Equality. It is a well-thought statement, and I was glad to see this response, among others, to the disappointing and difficult statement put out by the group opposing Social Justice. 

WE BELIEVE that the pursuit of social justice is essential to a life of faith in Jesus and is a present-day calling of the church. The credibility of reconciliation is obstructed when Christian communities proclaim it in a way that perpetuates the separation of its members. In this document, we specifically name discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexuality, and class as perpetuating alienation and enmity to God and between members of humankind. We deny any teaching that appeals to the Gospel to legitimize discrimination, and we proclaim that such separation denies in advance the Gospel’s reconciling power. See the entire statement here: 

We are not alone. There is a strong progressive Christian community that is making itself known, standing for what is right, for what follows the real teachings of Jesus. Take heart! 

In faith..................Jeannie 

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