St. Stephen’s “It Gets Better” Video Series 

St. Stephen’s “It Gets Better” video series is a project of the Reconciling Ministries Committee to provide messages of hope and inclusion to all people.

The worldwide “It Gets Better” video movement began in 2010 in response to bullying against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth. Since then, thousands of videos have been created featuring celebrities and not-so-famous people who want to reassure young people that they are not alone, and it does get better.

St. Stephen’s is working to make it better by welcoming everyone and accepting them just as they are. In addition, St. Stephen’s has a long history of working for social justice and advocating for the rights of LGBT people in the church and society.

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Jason Martin


Steve Davis


Marilyn Nicely


Holly Iker and Lisanne Jezer-Iker


Kay Antinoro


Kristia Ford


Erin Floyd


Tanna Thompson and Mandy Whitten