Adult Sunday School

November 12th, 2017


Choose to grow your faith in one of our five adult classes, offered between worship services, 9:45–10:45.


Challenges and Choices – Room 11

During this class on Sunday, we'll explore the impressions Americans had about Vietnam, the Vietnamese people, and the Vietnamese culture. We'll examine what American policy-makers espoused about the war versus the situations and conditions that soldiers experienced on the ground.

SeekersClass – Room 12
We begin a new study this Sun. from The Work of the People called "In This Together:  Loving Our Way Forward."  This series is coming forward at a time when coming together is so important.  These 5 films point to areas of fracture with ideas of how we can come together regardless of race, nationality, faith, sexual orientation, as one humanity for the healing of the world.  In the films Brian McLaren talks about how followers of Christ can grow into taking a "healing vs. hostile" posture in the world for the greater good; Miroslav Volf explains a revelation he had about how regardless of opposition we are called to honor everyone; Bishop Mano Rumalshah helps us lean into being led by the compulsion of our Love; Lisa Sharon Harper helps us remember the WAY towards the good news.......Come and join us!

Listening for God Class – Room 6
This class is starting a new book titled My Grandfather’s Blessing by Rachel Naomi Remen. Dr. Remen's grandfather, an orthodox rabbi and scholar of the Kabbalah, saw life as a web of connection and knew that everyone belonged to him, and that he belonged to everyone. My Grandfather's Blessings is about how we can recognize and receive our blessings and bless the life in others. Serving others heals us. Through our service we will discover our own wholeness and the way to restore hidden wholeness in the world.

Roots and Wings Class– Community Hall
This class is continuing the study titled The Human Spirit and the Times We Live In.” Sr. Joan Chittister and Fr. Richard Rohr explore two fundamental realities of our common experience: The Identity and Role of Women in the History and Tradition of Christianity especially in the way we face and deal with the human experience in the world today (Chittister) and the Development and Evolution of Spiritual Awareness as it applies to contemporary human experience today (Rohr). Join us in Community Hall!

Young Adult Class—NEW!—in Hannah’s Office
This group of 18-29 –year-olds is working on the transformative study Painting the Stars: Science, Religion, and an Evolving Faith.  Celebrating the communion of science and faith, Painting the Stars explores the promise of evolutionary Christian spirituality. Join us!